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The Girl in the Glass Box Cover


Most know the story of Little Snow White. But what if that’s only half of the real tale. The story is so much more than a witch, an apple and a mirror -- and the truth is rarely so simple. 

Agrippine, the Queen of Arcana, a once innocent child with a future full of promise, suffers a terrible tragedy and abusive past. After being traded to the neighboring kingdom by her father as political leverage, Agrippine relies on the Dark Arts and blood magic – her only lasting tie to her mother and her childhood - to rule the kingdom under a reign of terror.


Genevieve, a spoiled princess unconcerned with her kingdom’s distress, lacks compassion and understanding for the queen she will need to become in order to usurp her evil-stepmother. Being queen is a job she doesn’t want. Too much responsibility. Too difficult a task.


But when Agrippine is advised to kill Genevieve in order to preserve her power, the princess must flee the castle to escape imminent death. Left to survive on her own, Genevieve must step out of her world as a self-consumed princess to discover her inner strength and learn what it means to sacrifice in order to save herself and her kingdom. 


Through a series of choices, encounters, and devastating losses, these two women, who seemingly have their destinies determined, change the course of their fate and learn how the influences of others and the relationships they forge can establish their own version of happily ever after. 

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"Now this is how a fairy tale adaptation should be done!" - Goodreads & Me 

"If you're looking for an awesome retelling of Snow White, look no further. Adams delivers!" - K. Cherry

"A magical twist on a classic that will definitely keep you on your toes. I was engaged from the very beginning and each page left a bit of suspense which carried out throughout the book. What a romantic and amazing way to shake up a childhood fairytale." - Alexa M

"Loved this book and could hardly put it down once I started. It will make you rethink everything you know about the original story..." - Jordan W.

"This book gives an interesting twist on an old fairy tale. Your allegiances will shift, you will laugh, you will cry. I can't wait to see what Andi Adams does next!" - Jennifer DZ

"I'm not typically into fantasy stories but this book is so well written and captivating. A must read for all!" - Anon.

"Princesses, princes, evil queens and all - if you love fairy tales, this story does not disappoint!" - Jen C.

"The Girl in the Glass Box is the perfect marriage of old-school fairy tale + magic magic magic + incredibly well-crafted writing." - Lizzie Rose

"It's got a perfect blend of action, romance, mystery and magic. I highly recommend reading The Girl in the Glass Box! You won't want to miss out on this thrilling twist on a classic fairytale." - Anon

"I couldn't put this book down." - Michelle R.

"The story grabbed me by the apples and kept me engaged through every twist... Including the harrowing conclusion. Imaginative and engaging, this book will satisfy purists and those looking for something different alike." - Vince R.

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