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Firefly Hill Press is a small independent publishing house who strives to find, publish, and market exceptional works of novel-length fiction, specifically in the Young Adult and Romance genres. We specialize in stories that feature heroines who are not afraid to save themselves - no damsels need apply! Our stories feature love and obstacles that enhance our protagonists' journeys but in no way defines them. We like to believe that we reclaim the term "happily ever after" and illustrate how it is a unique pursuit and triumph to each character and her goals. 



Once upon a time in June of 2011, graduate students pursing a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Writing Popular Fiction converged upon the tiny town of Greensburg, Pennsylvania at a small school called Seton Hill University (which, to us, looked and felt a lot like Hogwarts!). This new incoming class, hailing from all corners of the country, quickly bonded over their passion for writing and their undeniable quirkiness and they became fast friends and life-long writing mates. During this first residency, this class found a quaint spot on campus that they claimed as their own and they would visit it nightly, at dusk, to watch the fireflies.

To date, this class has long-since (happily) graduated and, best of all, have remained friends and supporters of one another through every writing and publishing failure and success. It was due to this continuous support and love, paired with an inexhaustible passion for all things literary, that Danielle Modafferi decided to start her own publishing company. 


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