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Welcome brilliant HIGH SCHOOL students! We truly can't wait to hear your stories.


Though we typically publish works of fiction, this has been a pet project and a dream of mine for a long time - to show the public what teachers face every day inside the classroom. After 13 years (and counting) of teaching everything from middle school to college, I have stories that would make a person's hair curl. And (in hindsight), they are always some of the funniest stories told at parties. My friends and family can hardly believe some of the shenanigans I've faced over the years - and I KNOW that I've only seen a small portion of what many face every day. 


This book hopes to be a real life, inside look at what traditional and non-traditional classrooms all over the country faced during 2020. These stories DO NOT ONLY have to revolve around school or academics, but it could be on ANYTHING that students experienced or witnessed during this past year. (THERE ARE SO MANY EVENTS TO CONSIDER!)  -- Examples: COVID-19, Quarantine, panick buying (where'd all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer go!?!), virtual schooling, the presidential election, natural disasters like the Australian bushfires, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exodus from the royal family, ​Kobe Bryant and Chadwick Boseman's deaths, Impeachment of President Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein verdict, Stock market crash 2020, George Floyd/BLM/political and social protests, aliens confirmed by the government, murder hornets, JLo and Shakira shake up Super Bowl LIV, Kanye ran for President (AND was endorsed by Chance the Rapper AND Elon Musk!), Tiger King binges and new found bread baking trends, AND SO MUCH MORE.)  


So dazzle us with your funniest, wildest, most heartfelt moments and insights. Give us voice and heart -- and let's show the world and generations to come what our experience was with such a cataclysmic year. We truly appreciate your interest in publishing with our press and for helping us bring this dream of an anthology to life. Please know that we take each submission into consideration and value the time and energy that it takes to query your manuscript for publication. Regardless of our decision, we wish you the very best of luck in your publishing journey and with your academic future.

Guidelines for Anthology Submissions: 

  • Word Count: 2000 word limit 

  • Must be previously unpublished/unrepresented work that is originally and authentically yours

  • You may submit more than one piece but no more than five. All of your pieces can be emailed to us as one submission as opposed to separate files/emails.

  • Please send the full submission in a PDF or .doc(x) with a SUBMISSION FORM (See Here) 

  • Please address the subject line as STUDENT ANTHOLOGY - Your Last Name – Title of the Piece (e.g. STUDENT ANTHOLOGY – Adams – Rotten Apples) to

  • We currently do NOT accept hard copies or submissions by mail. Email submissions should include a completed Entry Form and the poem/story saved as either PDFs or MS Word-compatible files less than 5mb in size.

  • Please don't hesitate to contact us at for any information you can't find here.

  • Be sure that ALL of your submission materials are clear, concise, and WELL-EDITED!


  • Well, for one - CONGRATULATIONS! IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE! Grab some cake and a balloon and congratulate yourself on an amazing accomplishment!

  • You will be notified by phone or email that your piece was selected and your school will be notified of your contribution and accomplishment.

  • Yes, you will be a published author - bragging rights and all! Which is kind of a pretty cool boast to a job or a college to which you may later apply. 

  • The net proceeds of this book will be kept in a separate account and donated to The Us & We Foundation, an organization that provides resources and funds to communities to help develop unity, togetherness, and education. 

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