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**Grab all four books of the series in this boxed set at an INCREDIBLE price!**


Experience the powerful narrative of love, ambition, and the unwavering pursuit of second chances in The Campfire Series where Gigi and Perry navigate life's complexities, careers, and a rekindled romance. This heartfelt series will transport you to a world where the flames of love and the sparks of ambition burn brightly.


In One S'more Summer, Gigi Goldstein's professional world unravels the same week she learns that her best friend will be getting married to the one guy she's ever loved. Filled with a sense of longing and regret that she can no longer contain, she flees to the comforting embrace of Camp Chinooka. Returning to the camp triggers a complex journey filled with recollections, an exasperating fellow counselor named Perry, and a poignant journey of self-discovery.

In S'more to Lose, Gigi's life takes a new turn with her career on the rise and a chance to design the royal wedding dress. However, as she confronts her ex-fiancé Perry now a successful composer with a hit show on the West End, a creative block threatens her success. With the world gearing up for the wedding of the century, Gigi faces the immense pressure of her future and the ghosts of her past.

'Love You S'more' follows Gigi after successfully designing the wedding gown of the century, but when a paparazzi scandal unfolds, her world unravels. Guilt, regret, and obligation keep calling her back to her old life, and she must decide between a new future and the allure of an old flame.

In 'Tell Me S'more,' Perry Gillman's struggles as a musician intertwine with his love for Gigi. When he stumbles upon the idea of a musical about Elizabeth I, his career takes off. But fame and success come at a price, throwing his relationship with Gigi into turmoil. The story unfolds from Perry's perspective, revealing the cost of choices and the two sides of every story.


The Campfire Series

1. One S’more Summer

2. S’more to Lose

3. Love You S’more

4. Tell Me S'more

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"Gigi was so wonderfully flawed and I couldn’t help but love her (as I was rolling my eyes at what a mess she could be!)... This third book in the series wrapped up every aspect of the story perfectly. This will be a series that I reread over and over again in the future." - Casey, Goodreads

"This was a perfect ending to this cute series. I really enjoyed the entire series and felt that the books just got better with each one.... For those who enjoy slow burn romances, this series is for you. I look forward to more to come from this author." - Rachel, Goodreads

"I read this book in 5 hrs because it was SO AMAZING!!!! I cried at the end because I feel so connected to the characters and all they go through." - Ariel, Amazon

"What an engaging series full of love, loss, twists, turns and a perfect ending. The fastest way may be a straight line between two points but the long, winding road of this series made for spectacular scenery." - Jacki, Goodreads

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