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Breakup Boot Camp Cover Reveal

It is the moment we've all been waiting for. (And yes, this is the dance we've been doing while we wait!)

Today, after much anticipation, we are revealing the cover for Beth Merlin's upcoming novel Breakup Boot Camp, available October 8, 2019. This is Beth's first novel outside of her wildly successful Campfire Series. Preorder your copy today on all major retailers and it will be delivered FIRST THING on release day.

So without further ado, the cover for Breakup Boot Camp:

Back Cover Blurb:

After weeks of training to whip Joanna Kitt into shape for her big day, her picture-perfect relationship is torn in two and Joanna is left out on her perfectly toned rear end. In an effort to put the past and her heartache behind her, she gears up for a whole different kind of boot camp – but will 12 steps be enough to get her life back on track?

Or will her getaway to get over him prove healing the heart takes a whole lot more?


And to celebrate, we are running a cover reveal giveaway all month long. (The winner will be revealed in May's newsletter so make sure you're on our list!)

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