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Time for Spring Break - Happy April!

Happy Spring, Everyone!

We have SO MUCH to share with you this month - and if you are on our newsletter, then you were the VERY FIRST to hear our big announcement.

If you aren't subscribed, what are you waiting for!? Join in on the fun and be the first to hear about exclusive news, offers, and deals before everyone else!

Speaking of, our newsletter subscribers were the FIRST ones alerted to our newest ANNOUNCEMENT -- after Love You S'more (what we had believed to be the third and final installment of the Campfire Series), a stroke of GENIUS struck and we developed an incredible idea for a follow up novel!

Yes you heard correctly - BOOK FOUR OF THE CAMPFIRE SERIES IS A-COMIN'! 2020, y'all!

Click the image to be redirected to read the blurb

and PREORDER your copy today!

Coming Soon...

Cover Reveal for Beth Merlin's newest upcoming novel, Breakup Boot Camp, will be Tuesday, April 9!

Join us in the celebration where you can grab a few chances at giveaways and other awesome fun games and tidbits.

And for our paperback purists...


We have not one but TWO awesome giveaways this month, our Fairy Themed Giveaway from the Rekindled Release, which closes April 12 and a BRAND NEW giveaway to celebrate the cover reveal of Breakup Boot Camp by Beth Merlin, which closes April 30. Click on the images below to be redirected to enter!

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