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Friday Five - June 8th

These are a few of my (five) FAVORITE things this Friday!

Here goes:

1. Audiobooks (more specifically Overdrive):

Guys, seriously, DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS!?! I don't know if I'm just late to the party or what, but through your local library, many of you have access to SO many FREE audiobooks through the Overdrive app. The best part about it is that it downloads the files right to your phone (but doesn't take up much space) so that you can listen even if you are not connected to wifi. Annnnnnd you can borrow them for up to 2 weeks. I have finished about 30 titles on audiobook since the second week of January. I listen when I'm driving, when I'm doing my makeup in the morning, when I go for walks at night. I am OBSESSED!!!

2. (Number Two USED TO BE Movie Pass - but this has since been redacted because this company is unethical and just plain heinous! They pulled a bait and switch and I am (clearly) not pleased. In fact, I am in the process of a battle with them through the Better Business Bureau because of their unethical business practices. So instead of an endorsement, THIS IS A WARNING. Do not buy a subscription to Movie Pass - they are the worst!)

3. Ice cream maker

I eat a very restrictive diet, which most times (I'm not gonna lie) isn't all that fun. I try not to eat any sugar or anything made with flour, rice, potatoes, starch - that kind of thing. Yeah, I know - sooo much fun. But after the initial few weeks, it gets a lot easier and I really don't miss all of those things.

Except every once in a while I crave something sweet and delicious and forbidden.

Anyway, my grandmother gifted me her automatic ice cream maker and it enables me to use all of the ingredients I usually cook with - like Monkfruit sweetener and full fat cream. So the other day, I made an Olive Oil and Sea Salt ice cream AND ALMOST DIED FROM DELIGHT! The possibilities are endless! Coconut, Mint, Cinnamon, maybe even Maple Syrup and Bacon!? Holy cow! I am beyond freaking out.

Speaking of food, I rely heavily on Pinterest (who doesn't) and food bloggers. But not all food bloggers and recipes are created equally, that's for darn sure! So you learn to lean heavily on the ones who are worth their weight in gold because their recipes always turn out perfectly. Many of the ingredients I have to use while cooking are finicky and don't behave like they should - like almond and coconut flours. Pains in the you-know-what! But THANK GOD for Carolyn Ketcham, who is not only talented beyond all get-out but she is incredibly generous with how much of her information and resources she shares with her fans. I salute you, Carolyn and I am grateful for your hardwork to keep us all healthy! You da best!!

Friday Five

5. Drag Queens

I just LOVE drag queens. It all started with Ru Paul back in the 90s. I was enamored that a man in drag could be the most elegant and striking woman I'd ever seen - rivaling even the most dazzling supermodels. But the thing about Ru Paul that really inspired my awe (beyond his glamorous face!) was his attitude, his authenticity, and his ability to see real beauty beyond makeup in everyone.

Fast forward to his hit show Ru Paul's Drag Race, which in my opinion, is some of the best material on television. I love the makeup and the fashion and how each queen has their own individual identity. As a makeup artist with MAC, I just love looking at each one's aesthetic and skill. Like Roxxy Andrews!?!? It is MY DREAM to take a makeup class with her one day!

And the show Trixie and Katya, which airs on Viceland, is maybe some of the funniest sh*t I've ever seen. A bit crude and off-color for sure, but man-oh-man, their humor and wit is just so refreshing. I hope the show stays on the air for the next hundred years - I'd love to see those gals as old biddies still slaying like only they could!

Anyway, seeing as it is #PRIDEMONTH, I think we should give a shout out to all these BEAUTIFUL queens who aren't afraid to be themselves!

So that's it - my Friday Five! What things are you LOVING lately?! Maybe I'll give them a whirl and then feature them on my next Friday Five post!



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