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The Courage to Be Creative

Upon some serious reflection, it became evident that our society is set up in a way that it is "easier" to work at a 9-5 job where we sit at a cubicle and punch numbers all day. And for some of people, this is fulfilling work. But for others, it will never be enough. The problem is that society also requires, you know, money in order to live and eat, and sadly, being an artist isn't (usually) a lucrative gig. Being self-employed doesn't afford us healthcare or dental insurance and it certainly doesn't offer a life of stability. But this is a sacrifice many people make in order to live out their passion and fulfill their creative dreams. And that, my friends, takes some serious courage. It's never easy, not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from or having to rely on a part-time retail or wait staff job just so you can eat. But we do it. We are willing to make these sacrifices because the nourishment of our souls and creative spirits trumps trying to fit our square-selves into the round-holes carved out for us by society. Trust me, they want us to fold. And many of us will. Because it's easier and safer and more secure. And believe me, I am not knocking those people. Not at all. No one can argue with survival. Actually, it's probably the smarter of the two moves. But there is something courageous, and down right nutty, in not succumbing to the temptation of stability and holding out for a life of passion, no matter how wild the ride may seem. To these people, I offer my sincerest congratulations and also my deepest sympathies. It is going to be a long, and difficulty road to hoe. But you will be fulfilled, which is so much more than many of us can ever say. Though many people enjoy "the arts," few value it enough to see to it that artists are fairly paid for their craft. Makeup artists, painters, writers, musicians, actors, and the like are all seen as people not to be taken seriously. They are not as "serious" as engineers. They are not as "serious" as architects. Or doctors. Or lawyers. Or politicians. Not as intelligent, hard-working, or educated. Obviously, these things are just not true. Many artists have studied their craft just as laboriously as all other professionals, maybe even more. They are always practicing, refining, redefining, and recreating themselves in order to grow and remain relevant. All I'm saying is that it's not easy to follow your passion. Especially not in a world driven by financial prosperity. So to those people who put their craft and their creative endeavors ahead of their desire to be wealthy, I applaud you. Though the world may not compensate you well for it, it needs your originality, your imagination, and your innovation. Keep dreaming. Keep working hard. Keep fighting for what drives you. In the end, the fight will be worth it.

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