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PRESS RELEASE: NEW AUTHOR ANNOUNCEMENT Welcome Beth Merlin to Firefly Hill Press

Beth Merlin

Oh, summer. The perfect time for swimming pools, long weekend road trips, and delicious barbecue treats. But this summer has been so much more than that for us here at Firefly Hill Press. We are lucky to have signed another talented author last week. Beth Merlin, a fresh and entertaining New Adult novelist, signed a deal for her debut novel One S'more Summer. A single-title, light-hearted read, One S'more Summer is sure to elicit every reader's sense of nostalgia for a time when things were more simple.

Gigi, Alicia, and Joshua have been best friends since they met at Camp Chinooka almost 20 years ago. But, you know what they say, "Two's company, three's a crowd," and Gigi is the third wheel spending much of her life wishing Joshua loved her instead of Alicia. Stifled by longing and guilt, Gigi’s world quickly begins to fall apart. The same week she loses her high profile job, Gigi discovers that Alicia and Joshua will be getting married in only a few months, solidifying the notion that she'll never end up with the man she's always loved. To escape it all, at least for a summer, she accepts a job as Head Counselor at Camp Chinooka, the place she remembers being most happy.

But when Gigi discovers she can't escape her present by returning to her past, she is forced to reexamine the true meaning of love and the ultimate consequences of her actions. In this clever and nostalgic New Adult novel, readers will be left longing for their days of innocence and be left begging to return to their childhood for just One S'more Summer.

We can't put into words how delighted we are to have Beth join our team. Our family is growing and growing and we couldn't be more thrilled! Please help us welcome Beth with open arms and join us in saying "Congratulations" on her exciting publishing future. One S'more Summer is set to be released spring 2017. Find out more about Beth and One S'more Summer's release by checking out her page on our website, by following her on Twitter and Facebook, and by subscribing to our newsletter.

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