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Just yesterday, a local book club invited our very own Beth Merlin to hang out for a night full of book talk and nostalgia! These lovely ladies had a chance to ask the author about her writing process, her plot choices, and maybe even a little about the upcoming sequel. (Yes, S’more to Lose, Book 2 in the Campfire Series, comes out Dec 12!)

Here are some discussion questions for your book club if you chose to read One S’more Summer with your best pals. Be sure to bring along some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers!

1. Does the fact that Alicia breaks up with Joshua before leaving for London make Gigi’s actions any more forgivable or do you think she breaks the “girl code?” Are her actions justifiable?

2. Do you think Gigi really loves Joshua or is it the idea of Joshua she loved? How do you know?

3. Does Alicia know about Gigi’s crush and if so, is she wrong for never addressing it? Do you think that any fault lies with Alicia?

4. Does Joshua have genuine feelings for Gigi or was she just a “placeholder?”

5. Is Chinooka the right place for Gigi to go if she is trying to escape her past? Can you ever really run from your past? Why do you really think she is running away?

6. What do you think about Gigi’s parent’s relationship? How do you think it influences or shapes her own?

7. Do you think Joshua and Alicia end up getting married? Should they? Why or why not?

8. Why do you think Perry and Gigi dislike each other so fiercely when they first meet? Are either of them correct in their assertions about the other person?

9. What is it about camp or the idea of camp that makes it such a special place for so many people? Why do you think that it makes for an appropriate setting for this book and its themes?

10. The book’s ending leaves Perry and Gigi’s relationship a bit open-ended – do you think they stay together? Should they? Are some relationships just meant to heal you from other ones?

*BONUS QUESTION: Who would you cast to play the main characters in a movie version of One S’more Summer? Who can you picture as Gigi, Perry, Alicia, and Joshua?

You haven’t grabbed your copy yet? Well, the kids are headed back to school, which makes September the perfect time to get together for some margaritas and book club!

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