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We’re keeping the fun rolling with the second installment of our Author Interview series with debut author Beth Merlin. Her novel One S’more Summer just hit the market yesterday! And we couldn’t be more excited!

So without further ado…

FHP: What have you learned about yourself while writing this series?

BETH: I’ve for sure learned that where there’s a will, there is a way. I have one full-time job working in Human Resources for a software company and a second full-time job, running after a pretty active 2 ½ year old. Friends and acquaintances are always asking me when I find the time to write and I always give the same answer, “I write every chance I get.”

I write early in the morning.

I write late into the evenings.

I come out of the shower with ideas for my next chapters and record them on my phone so I don’t forget them. I’ll jot down dialogue when I’m in waiting rooms, or a passenger in a car – really any time an idea or inspiration strikes. There are days I don’t know how I can possibly fit in one more task – but writing is the one thing I do that’s one hundred percent for myself. It’s my passion and outlet, so I’ve learned how to make the time.

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