From the author who whisked you away on a wild escapade in The Key West Escape Series comes a sexy, adventure-packed spin-off. Follow Mitch Thompson and his team of misfits as they find danger, intrigue, and romance on the hunt for the legendary Lost Souls’ Treasure…

Former special ops aviator Griffin Dodge hasn’t been the same since he disobeyed a direct order and totaled a Blackhawk helicopter. After being separated from the military, he recovered from his injuries and took a job on a marine salvage crew based out of Key West. The only person he let himself get close to on the boat was a woman called “Bug” Martin, a waifish tomboy with a mean streak. They couldn’t have been more different – a former all-star golden boy from the mid-west and a French circus performer turned salvage diver – but they became best friends up until the day Griff’s high school sweetheart decided she wanted him back.


A year later, Bug still resents Griff for running off to Missouri and ghosting her and the crew. When her boss calls Griff into town for a favor, Bug wants to hit something. She settles on sucker-punching the selfish a-hole himself when he walks through the door. It doesn’t matter that he’s single again or that he’s sorry, she hates that she’s stuck flying shotgun to Martinique beside the guy who used to claim “quitting wasn’t in his vocabulary” before he abandoned their friendship and betrayed her trust.


The trip was supposed to take two days tops. Just enough time to retrieve the missing pages of a diary that could help lead the crew to The Lost Souls’ Treasure, but nothing is ever easy in Bug’s world. When the deal with the artifact collector goes south, Bug and Griff are forced to flee up the side of a volcano where the lava isn’t the only thing about to bubble over. The tension between them erupts into an unexpected night of passion that leaves them both questioning what comes next.


Griff starts to wonder if settling down in the suburbs still fits the man he’s become, while Bug isn’t sure if she’s willing to open her guarded-heart to the only man who’s ever broke it.


When a rival treasure hunter hellbent on finding the treasure first nabs Bug and another crew member, Griff realizes the future won’t matter, if he can’t bring his best friend home alive.

Austin-based meteorologist Hannah Frisk is a star in her field. The wealthy, spoiled daughter of a former Texas state senator is hoping to follow in her father’s footsteps when he suddenly disappears after racking up a huge gambling debt. Hoping to prevent a scandal that could end her political aspirations, she must find her father who’s sequestered himself somewhere in the Caribbean. She flies to Aruba to convince her ex-flame Luke Gage to take the money she’s offered for his assistance, but he turns her down flat. She’s surprised to discover the fresh-faced boy she once loved has turned into a big, brawny, incredibly sexy but guarded man. His aloofness will make getting close to him a challenge, but Hannah wants him back, and Hannah always get what she wants. 

When Mitch convinces Luke to take the job in order to fund their expedition, the Salty Dog crew along with Hannah sets sail to locate the wayward senator and begin their search for the treasure. They soon discover K-PAL INC, a ruthless group of corporate treasure hunters, are after the same booty. Worse than modern-day pirates, K-PAL has the money and equipment to back them up. 

Hannah gains Luke’s respect when she discovers the first clue in their treasure hunt. But she begins to wonder if she will ever be able to navigate through the storm of Luke’s resentment and find her way back into his heart.

If Luke can’t learn to trust Hannah again, their relationship, like the treasure, just might be lost to the sea forever.

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