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Welcome teachers of ALL levels and disciplines! We truly can't wait to hear your stories.


Though we typically publish works of fiction, this has been a pet project and a dream of mine for a long time - to show the public what teachers face every day inside the classroom. After 13 years (and counting) of teaching everything from middle school to college, I have stories that would make a person's hair curl. And (in hindsight), they are always some of the funniest stories told at parties. My friends and family can hardly believe some of the shenanigans I've faced over the years - and I KNOW that I've only seen a small portion of what many face every day. 


This book hopes to be a real life, inside look at traditional and non-traditional classrooms all over the country. So dazzle us with your funniest, wildest, most memorable stories. Give us voice and heart -- and let's show the world why we are simultaneously the most hard-working (and overworked!) community of professionals. We truly appreciate your interest in publishing with our press and for helping us bring this dream of an anthology to life. Please know that we take each submission into consideration and value the time and energy that it takes to query your manuscript for publication. Regardless of our decision, we wish you the very best of luck in your publishing journey and with your teaching career.

Guidelines for Anthology Submissions: 

  • Word Count: Between 500-2000 words. Accepted submissions will be paid 2.5 cents per word on the edited final draft.

  • Must be previously unpublished/unrepresented work that is originally and authentically yours. 

  • You may submit more than one story but no more than five. All of your stories can be emailed to us as one submission as opposed to separate files/emails..

  • Please send the full submission in a PDF or .doc(x) and a query letter.

    • Your query letter should include the word count of your story, a few words about where you teach/the level and discipline/ and any other notable information about your school or teaching background, a short author bio, any publication credits if applicable, your contact information, and if you'd like to publish (if chosen) under a pseudonym or anonymously. 

  • Please address the subject line as TEACHER ANTHOLOGY - Your Last Name – Title of the Story (e.g. TEACHER ANTHOLOGY – Adams – Rotten Apples) to

  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, so long as they are identified as such. However,, if an editor or publishing house wants to move forward in the process for publication of your short story, we ask for the courtesy of notification as soon as possible.

  • We currently do NOT accept hard copies or submissions by mail. Email submissions should include the query letter in the body of the email and the short story saved as either PDFs or MS Word-compatible files less than 5mb in size.

  • Given the high volume of submissions we receive, you can expect a response time of three to four months. It should be shorter than that, as we hope (depending on the success of this open call) to have the title ready to publish by Fall 2019. We appreciate your patience. Phone calls, emails, and letters will not speed up the process, and are strongly discouraged. If you have not received a response after 16 weeks, at that time you can reach out to us via email to check on the status of your submission.

  • Please don't hesitate to contact us at for any information you can't find here.

Tips for a strong submission:

  • Be sure that ALL of your submission materials are clear, concise, and WELL-EDITED!

  • Be sure to follow submission directions – this is not only to help us streamline the process, but it also indicates to an editor that you are able and willing to follow instructions as they are given.

  • Check out a blog post we wrote on this very topic. Here we offer some clear tips and tricks to help you with the submission process with not only our press, but with any press or agency!

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