Discover a heart-warming story about facing your fears and embracing the unknown.

Jimmy McMuggins would love to go and play with the other children, but there’s only one problem – he’s afraid of going outside. 

Jimmy spends his days dreaming of playing outside, wishing he could muster the courage to leave his house. But one day, a spunky young girl challenges him to step outside of the only world he’s known and try his hand at an adventure of his own…

With beautiful pictures and a delightful tale about finding courage and daring to try new things, The Reluctant Adventures of Jimmy McMuggins is a wonderful and heart-warming story for children of all ages.


Perfect for bedtime stories, group reading, and one-on-one, this book is sure to keep kids captivated, teaching them that it’s good to face your fears and not let worry hold you back.

meet andi

Andi Adams is a children’s author with a passion for the magic of storytelling. Andi enjoys teaching children through her writing, offering important lessons and morals in a fun and engaging way. She believes bedtime stories are a brilliant way of imbuing kids with a love of reading and a wonderful opportunity for equipping them with essential life lessons. Andi Adams writes, teaches, invents words, and travels, as often as she can. She has a passion for all things Harry Potter (of course!) and for her two dogs, who are also incidentally her biggest fans.


"With everything going on in our society today, it is becoming increasingly common to see children developing anxiety. Jimmy McMuggins addresses topical issues in a fun, light-hearted, and accessible way. It gives us a new avenue to explore these important ideas in our classroom, and as an elementary teacher, I know I'll be telling my colleagues and friends to incorporate this book into their year. Great job, Ms. Adams! We can't wait for more in the series!" - Mr. A, Centennial School District, PA

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