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In the thrilling next installment of The Lost Souls’ Treasure series, the Salty Dog Crew are on a race to beat a rival scavenger to the next clue in their hunt for the legendary treasure, when they are waylaid by a call from a VIP client who desperately needs their help...

Gambling is in Xavier Durand’s blood. The son of a pro-poker player, the former Navy SEAL goes all in when Mitch Thompson invites him to join his treasure hunt. Meeting the incredibly sexy maritime archeologist on the crew was an unexpected bonus. Xavier’s debonair good looks and natural charm has always made picking up women easy, but the prim and proper doctor isn’t impressed.

Dr. Amanda Rivera prefers to play it safe. She learned the hard way what happens when a promising young scientist pursues a radical hypothesis, she gets labeled a crackpot by her peers and loses a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship. Xavier may make her pulse race, but he couldn’t be more wrong for her, not to mention the fact her conservative Cuban family would never approve of him.

When Xavier and Amanda are asked to infiltrate an exclusive couples-only resort to recover a stolen painting, they must put their differences aside to pose as newlyweds. Pretending to be infatuated with each other in the romantic tropical setting is the easy part, the hard part is remembering their relationship is just a ruse.

For a man who always keeps his true feeling close to the vest and a woman who doesn’t take chances, Xavier and Amanda start to wonder if betting on their hearts is a risk worth taking.

The weekend takes a deadly turn just before Xavier is captured by a British mobster. Amanda is his only hope of rescue, but trapped on an island, alone and unarmed, she realizes she’s in way over her head. With Xavier’s life on the line, she has to make a choice. It’s time to put all of her cards on the table or get out of the game.

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