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Bahama Mama Cover



Troubles are piling up for Molly MacBain. Between navigating the moods of an increasingly sassy teenage daughter, grappling with money problems, and dealing with her daughter’s deadbeat dad, Molly doesn't need any more stress in her life. Her best friend’s wedding should be a welcome chance to relax, but Molly’s dismayed to discover her friend’s new brother-in-law is her idol—country music superstar Anders Ostergaard. After spending years on the country music circuit herself, Molly can't help but have a fangirl moment when she meets Anders in real life.

Anders flies to Key West to attend his brother’s wedding and keep a low profile after a Vegas tragedy plasters his face to the cover of every tabloid. He has strict rules about getting involved with fans, but with her sharp wit and refreshing openness, Molly draws him in like no one has before, even as the shadow of his recent scandal stalks closer.

Their flirtation is put on hold when Molly’s daughter witnesses a murder and winds up in Jamaica. Anders offers Molly his private plane, and together they race for Montego Bay, dodging the hit man who's hell-bent on eliminating everyone who knows of his crimes. 

When danger and proximity spark a blazing romance, Molly can't help wondering about the future. Can a fan and her idol build a lasting love? Or is their relationship just a fling fueled by the sultry Caribbean breeze? And most importantly—can she survive long enough to find out?

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"Be WARNED!!! You might end up reading the book in one seating, so be prepared to have an all-nighter!!!!" – Ingrid’s Book Blog

“The suspense thread, the ongoing threat, and the romance element all came together to produce another winning combo.” – A British Bookworm 


Bahama Mama has everything you need to keep you glued to the story. It was sexy, funny and most definitely suspenseful and a whole lot more….Tricia Leedom has gained another fan…Can’t wait to see what’s next!!” iScream Books

Bahama Mama is the second book in the Key West Escape Series and it was just as action packed and steamy as its prequel....I love reading stories that cause me to laugh out loud and Bahama Mama was filled with many hilarious moments. Not only was it a fast read that was very engaging but it was also filled with action, suspense, and danger....There is everything to love in Bahama Mama and this is a story and a series that I highly recommend to fans of romantic suspense!” – The Genre Minx


“Sooo, this book was awesome. I thought it would be a fluffy romance read, and it started like that. And then halfway through, some things happened and it was an action-packed full adrenaline read. Man, I did not see that coming!” – Kelsey, Goodreads


“Yep, one of those.... One of those books that keep you up at night even though you are really tired but, well, one more chapter. Just one more ...till the end. At 2 am….Wonderful characters, a gripping story and all in all a book that kept me up at night. And guess what I did first thing when I had finished it? I went back online and bought the first book in the series. And now guess again who is in for another short night......(and it is sooooo worth it!)” – Ira, Goodreads 

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