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When Sophia James, a struggling but passionate photographer, receives a mysterious gift from a long-time crush, she sees it as the sign she’s been waiting for. Deciding life is too short to not finally go for it, she jumps into action, even though being in love with your best friend’s brother is never the easiest terrain to navigate.

But with her newly developing carpe diem attitude, Sophia becomes more attuned to the influence and consequences of her own choices. She uses her new insight to support her siblings through the road bumps in their own lives, all while working to expand her fledgling business. Though overwhelming and challenging, as change always is, Sophia rediscovers the importance of family, love, and holding on to hope when times get most difficult.

Dealing with issues of miscarriages, mental health, long-distance relationships, and struggles with sexual orientation, Sophia learns difficult truths about her family and herself that force her to grow into the woman she hopes to become. A Snapshot of Hope is sure to give you all the feels and remind you that no problem is too big if you have family by your side. 


"I loved this book & just ordered a second copy for a family member. I read it in two sittings!" - Crystal, AMZ

"I could not put it down. It was refreshing and uplifting and I truly enjoyed this book.... Looking forward to reading more stories from Neli Genner! SOON!" - Anonymous, AMZ

"A MUST Read! Definitely will be reading again." - K. Damian, AMZ

"I loved this book, would be interested in a second story from this author." - P. Gaite, AMZ

"I do not normally read fiction books.I almost exclusively read non-fiction books on topics that have nothing to do with this book. However, this book came highly recommended, and I finished this book in a day. It was a great story with interesting characters and a very exciting budding romance. If stories about family, dogs, and love interest you, then you will thoroughly enjoy this book. Even if these things don't interest you, there is a pretty decent chance you'll enjoy this book. Buy this book to get a great story while supporting an up and coming new author." - Chuck, AMZ

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