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Book 4 of The Circuit Fae Series

What would you do if your beloved girlfriend suddenly became your worst enemy? That dilemma’s all too real for Syl Skye, the last princess of the fair Fae.


Even though Syl is all things sun and Summer, she’s drawn to her polar opposite, Rouen Rivoche, the dark Fae princess-assassin of the Winter Court.


They should be mortal enemies, but they’re best friends. Girlfriends. In love.


That is, until Roue falls under a dark spell that makes her forget all about Syl, their lives and their love. Now Roue rules Dark Faerie as a cruel and cold Queen. A Circuit Fae who can harness the killing magic in technology, she wants nothing more than to destroy Syl and her fair Fae people. 


But when an old enemy brings both Faerie realms to the brink of destruction, only their queens, Syl and Rouen, can save the day—and only if they can put their differences aside for two seconds and team up.


With the clock’s ticking on Syl and Roue’s relationship—not to mention all of Faerie—will Rouen remember the love she and Syl once shared, or is she destined to be Syl’s nemesis forever? 

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"Every book in this series gets better, and Nemesis is no exception." - Renee, Amazon

"This is my favorite Circuit Fae book so far! I LOVE Dark Rouen's voice and the broody prose is really beautiful in her chapters. Eldredge has a masterful way of blending humor with serious angst that is truly enjoyable. The action gets going right away and just keeps going. Even though this is the 7th book in the series, it stands alone and a new reader to the series would also love it." - LKvB, Amazon

"Best in the series yet. Can't wait to see what's in store for the final book." - April, Amazon

"This fourth full-length installment has a greater intensity than experienced with the other reads from this series with the same young ladies running the show. The characters feel more developed, like growth has occurred....The writing is there. The characters full. The plot brings you closer to something big....The world building and crafting of characters helped to develop another level or layer to the story. I found it all enjoyable." - The Book Junkie Reads

"I love the witty and sarcastic banter between the characters, and it's fascinating to see how both Fae queens have matured and changed since the previous installment.... I love how Eldredge has taken the Fae mythos and created a unique and fascinating universe that improves as the series progresses. Just when I think that Eldredge can't top the previous book in the series, the next book proves me wrong!" - Charity Rowell, Amazon

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