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For eighteen-year-old Rouen Rivoche, being a fairy princess isn’t about fancy parties and happily ever afters. 
Rouen’s people are the dark Fae whose powers of lightning, thundersnow, and all things Winter make them cold, severe, and 100% intolerant of rebellion.


Too bad being a rebel is in Rouen’s blood.


Against tradition, she’s teamed up with Syl Skye, the sleeper-princess of the fair Fae—a mortal enemy .who Rouen should want to kill but only wants to kiss. Plus, to be with Syl, Rouen’s masquerading as a glam goth-rock star and high school student. Honestly, Rouen doesn’t think things could get any more complicated.


Then, she discovers she must become Queen of the Winter Court or all her people will die. No pressure.


Now, dark forces are amassing in the Winter Court, turning Rouen’s people against her and blocking her path to the throne. Even Syl with all her powers of white flame and Summer can’t stop this new kind of evil.


Because betrayal cuts close when it’s someone you love… and now it looks like Rouen’s going to be dethroned before she ever becomes queen.

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"I appreciated the book's fast and action-packed pace, I truly enjoyed the glimpse of Dark Fae society and Eldredge's interpretation of the different types of Fae." - Charity, Goodreads

"I love following Rouen and Syl or their journeys and traveling to the other realms. I love the world of the Circuit Fae and watching Rouen and Syl working together to kicka**. They are amazing when fighting alone but together they are bada**. I have loved each and every book from this

series and am always on the lookout for the next one!" - Nancy the Avid Reader

"Most of the book takes place in dark Fae and you get to learn more about Rouen and her people. This book added a lot of depth and world-building to the series, which I enjoyed." - Marie, Goodreads

"A very good fantasy novel, fast-paced and full of action. Never a moment of bore. I liked the characters and the style of writing. Strongly recommended!"  - Annarella, Goodreads

"Dethroned took quite a different turn than I expected . . . and I loved it! 
Most of the story takes place in Dark Fae, so it was really cool to learn more about Rouen's people. There is soooo much lush world building!" - Laura, Amazon

- Circuit Fae 2.5 - A MORIBUND Prequel Novella
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