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The stars have finally aligned for Sophia James. But even the brightest stars can flicker in uncertainty.

Ever since Sophia and Owen ignited their relationship and launched their small-town photography studio, everything seems great. No, everything is great…except that Sophia can’t seem to shake the feeling everything could fall apart in an instant.

Trying to fill the void left behind when her beloved retriever passed, Sophia busies herself in her work to prove to herself and Owen she can handle their new endeavor while attempting to move on from her devastating loss.

As pressures mount at the studio, Sophia finds solace when her younger brother, Ashton, reaches out in desperation. A heartwarming urge to mend his troubles tugs at Sophia’s soul, but trying to help him battle his insecurities in the dating world while balancing her own romance threatens to capsize everything she’s worked so hard to build.

Amidst the beautiful chaos of life and love, can Sophia navigate the stormy seas of trying to have it all, or will the tempestuous winds blow her dreams away? In this tale of resilience, hope, and the unbreakable bonds of family, Sophia embarks on a journey to save herself and those she cherishes before an unforeseen challenge threatens to shatter it all.

This Is Hope is a captivating contemporary fiction novel that will leave you cheering for Sophia as she learns that the true measure of strength lies in embracing vulnerability and proves, even when life tilts, the stars can still shine in her favor.


"I loved this book [SNAPSHOT] & just ordered a second copy for a family member. I read it in two sittings!" - Crystal, AMZ

"I could not put it down. It was refreshing and uplifting and I truly enjoyed this book.... Looking forward to reading more stories from Neli Genner! SOON!" - Anonymous, AMZ

"A MUST Read! Definitely will be reading again." - K. Damian, AMZ

"I loved this book [SNAPSHOT], would be interested in a second story from this author." - P. Gaite, AMZ

"I do not normally read fiction books.I almost exclusively read non-fiction books on topics that have nothing to do with this book. However, this book came highly recommended, and I finished this book in a day. It was a great story with interesting characters and a very exciting budding romance. If stories about family, dogs, and love interest you, then you will thoroughly enjoy this book. Even if these things don't interest you, there is a pretty decent chance you'll enjoy this book. Buy this book to get a great story while supporting an up and coming new author." - Chuck, AMZ

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